Proprium will seek to earn the trust of its partners on a continual basis – as it becomes their global investment manager of choice, a first-choice co-venturer to grow their businesses and for our people to grow their talents.

Guiding Principles

Fiduciary duty is paramount – we aim to earn our partners’ trust every day through our actions.

Performance matters.
Excellence is universally expected and demanded of each other.
Proprium will cultivate a partnership environment: building long-term strategic partnerships, becoming the partner of choice for best-in-class operating companies and honoring our colleagues with respect and trust.
We will seek to do the right thing at all times – fairness, integrity, transparency and honesty are the pillars of our daily actions.
We will create a sought after work environment that is fun, safe and diverse that values teamwork, hard work and initiative.
We will be humble with success and show grace in the face of adversity.
We will encourage each other to engage in their respective communities with a commitment to service, charity and sustainability.